Sausages on Sunday Morning

I think viewers of a certain age might identify with this one.

Remember back when everyone in Ireland went to Mass on Sunday morning? Long before this Saturday night business or this Rampant Secularism/Sweet Relief took over. Well, I remember being woken up at 8 o’clock or so to get ready for Mass and the glorious smell of sausages being cooked on the grill. Of course the gloriousness has been tempered somewhat by its association with religious obligation.

Anyway, just to complete the scenario, breakfast would begin to the sound of the thme music from RTÉ Radio 1’s Mo Cheol Thú presented by gravelly voiced Ciarán MacMathúna. This programme was a very very gentle mix of music and spoken word with a very Irish bias and it ran for about 500 years every Sunday up until the final programme last November. At that stage Mr MacMathúna’s voice had become quite weather-beaten, but the show was still as gentle as it ever was.

Ciaran MacMathuna

I listened to it occasionally, without the backdrop of getting into my ‘good clothes’ or the waft of sizzling pork, and very much appreciated the soothing hour (v good with hangover), but the theme music always transported me back to the kitchen on Sunday morning in the 70s and 80s.

The theme itself is called The Lark in the Clear Air by violinist Geraldine O’Grady. This version is one from 1996.

Here it is. The Lark In The Clear Air – Geraldine O’Grady



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