Guardian Triumphant Break Up Tracks

Yay! I got to be the first poster this week! (Look at it here somewhere)

Of course I chose the masterful Yes by McAlmont & Butler and Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson (it’s genius – stop being snobby). And loads of people agreee with me that Yes is a fantastically ‘Fuck-you’ sort of break up tune.
David McAlmont & Enda GuinanAnyway, to celebrate, here is a picture of a very drunk me manhandling poor David McAlmont last summer at his gig in London. Sorry, David! Love your work, dahling!



  1. Brian

    oh i see u meant Kelly Clarkson, well her single is grower gets better w ea listen. i get tired w the music snob numbskulls. the world is a better place w that new girls aloud album. period

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