Neko Case is Top Of My Pops

It doesn’t seem to have a melody and I’ve no idea what she’s on about, yet Ms Case has evidently grabbed me by the ears. Lovely pic of Neko Case

She has been around for yonks with all sorts of thrillingly-named backing bands such as Her Boyfriends and the New Pornographers. He website is rather lovely. And she looks rather cool too.

Would anyone care to give me advice on where to start with her back catalogue?



  1. Brian

    Don’t have it yet. Heard Margaret vs. Pauline on all songs considered, the kind of song that immediately pricks the ears up, it’s different and warrants at least 4 or 5 plays on first listen. Listening to LD Beghtol’s new one now LD & the New Criticism ‘Tragic Realism’ it seems a mixed bag of sounds, chamber folk (even!) bluegrass, poppy. Pity the Word isn’t on sale here…..

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