At last! The Guardian agrees with me…

After weeks of trying to get my choice on the Readers Recommend section of The Guardian, they’ve finally chosen not just one, but TWO of my choices!

McAlmont & Butler Yes sleeveAs documented here, I went for McAlmont & Butler‘s astounding Yes, which is one of my Top 20 tracks EVAH! And they also included the sublime Since I Left You by The Avalanches, whose album has to be one of the most life-affirming ever commited to zeroes and ones (despite – or because of – being pretty much entirely composed of samples).

Avalnches Since I Left You sleeveHappy days.

PS: Please Mr Avalanches, release another album soon…. I miss you.



  1. Dr H

    M&B’s album/selection was surprisingly easy on my ears, Mr G. A good choice. Almost, but not quite like in the style of Charles and Eddie (Would I lie to you?). No such luck with the Avalanche’s website tho.

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