Coldplay palatable?

Coldplay, yesterday

As everyone else is getting sick of Coldplay (including themselves), I have to be contrary and suddenly be into them. Much as U2 tracks – individually-administered – are great,Coldplay have always been providers of Good Singles. I can't suffer an entire album of either stadium botherers though.

I witter. Coldplay for me have been rehabilitated by the remix. Several excellent remixes of 'Clocks' did the rounds , and it seems that the deliciously anthemic guitar riff from 'Talk' is proving similarly irresistable for DJs.

Soooo, today you can download the rather special Junkie XL remix of last single 'Talk'. It's rather large, so make sure you're broadbanded or downloading at work. Junkie XL, you may remember, is the guy who remixed Elvis a couple of years ago, slapping him back to number one with 'A Little Less Conversation'. That track was credited to Elvis vs JXL . It seems the Elvis estate didn't feel comfortable about having the word 'junkie' that close to Elvis. I digress again (but it's my blog) – download and enjoy!

Download 'Talk (Junkie XL Remix) – Coldplay'



  1. peto

    You are quite right. I go through phases where I listen to coldplay or travis, and sets me into a mood, usually on a road trip. Then I am over it, and move on.

    I did enjoy the remix as well 🙂

  2. eguinan

    Gawd, I haven’t listened to Travis in yonks. I lurved them at first: “why Does It Always Rain On Me’, ‘Turn’, ‘Side’. Actually, I must dig those out again!

    Great great remix, isn’t it!

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