Scary Video: Massive Attack Live With Me

Picture of Massive AttackYeeps, have you seen this video? 

Massive Attack have been away for a while. It's the usual story, a couple of fantastic albums then a mediocre one then a really rubbish one – time for a Best Of!

And so they have recorded a rather decent track to remind everyone of how we used to like them. 'Live With Me' is a nice slice of brooding electronica in the 'Sly' or 'Protection' fashion. But the video….

I don't have a television, and haven't had one for some months (why bother? One can explore torrentville for those essential US series such as Desperate Housewives & The Sopranos). Therefore I don't get to flick through zillions of music channels. So, I was quite quite startled to turn on the TV in a hotel on a MID SUNDAY AFTERNOON to find a yound professioal-looking lady pouring bottles of vodka into herself in a highly dysfunctional and death-baiting style. 

Then she falls down a spiral staircase forever.

All over the country, young children were transfixed and a little bit spooked as their parents, dozing over the papers, switched channels too late.

You can watch it over here somewhere


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