What I’m listening to… Guillemots

It's been a good week for new music.

PIcture of Guillemots groupCheck out Guillemots. Their album From The Cliffs, while lacking a little quality control in parts, is madly ambitious with falsetto vocals, Wall-of-Sound production and some damn catchy tunes. Their latest single, 'We're Here', isn't on the album. I heard it on the radio (God bless you, Tom Dunne) and it's the first piece of music that made me sit up and say 'WTF?'. It's a madly veering epic thing that seems to have three songs colliding in a very sweeping romantic way.
Granted, the previous track to do this was 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' by The Darkness. And I still think it's great. So there.

Anyway, the band themselves are multinational and have preposterous names (this is a very good thing). The centresperson appears to be called Fyfe Dangerfield. Indeed. And this is what he has to say about his nutty little band.

"We want to make the sort of music that reveals something new about itself each time you listen to it, but that doesn't need to be at the expense of it being accessible," says Dangerfield. "Headmusic's all well and good, but it's got to hit you in the heart and feet too. After all, you're never going to top birdsong as the ultimate pop music. All we can do is try to come close."

Download Trains to Brazil – Guillemots

Like this? Buy the single



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