Reasons to love Boy George. 1

Pic of Boy George.His stance on immigration.

There's plenty of room for everyone here. And I love Eastern European men, so I say, tear down the borders, they can camp out in my yard.

More George wisdom in this article from the Guardian.

Alas, his website isn't hectic. Pity, his would be an unmissable blog. 



  1. peto

    scandalous! no one has a comment thus far. well, my confession….
    I took all boy george music off my ipod. When listening to random albums, I found myself skipping all his stuff. I think I may have fallen off the boy george wagon.

  2. Enda P Guinan

    Hey Pete!

    God, I don’t blame you for removing the Boy. There are very few BG tracks on my iPod. Generations of Love, You’re Not The One, Victims – that’s about it. His autobiography (the first one) is excellent though. So bitchy and entertaining, and he always gives good interview.

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