Work it, beeatch….

Pic of Nellie McKay

Oh lads, it's been sooooo long since I updated this. It's just been one thing after another: two trips to London (fun & alcohol-fuelled, despite the mangling my back incident – the official line is "a suitcase fell on me"), two conferences (I had to chair at one – cool!), a summer school to officiate at, a paper to write for another bloody conference and two major work things to get done (still doing 'em).

So, in honour of work, I give you today, the divine Nellie McKay and her musical stylings. Here's what someone said about her:

McKay has never been easy to classify, though many have tried. She’s a piano-playing singer/songwriter whose repertory includes torch songs, satire, rap, and sunny, socially conscious diatribes, all variously informed by jazz, bossa nova, the Beatles, show tunes, and Randy Newman, for starters. McKay is only 20 but dresses like a Sunday-school teacher. And her diction—round vowels and never a hard “er”—is in the practiced manner of an actress from yesteryear. She’s Sandra Dee, Fanny Brice, Patti Smith and Al Franken all rolled up in one, with a piano. Or something like that.

She's probably quite insufferable in real life, but hey, let's go with the music.

Download 'Work Song' by Nellie McKay

Like this? Buy 'Get Away From Me' here.


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