Oh Daddy!

Pic of Kid Creole & The Coconuts

Image from kidcreole.com

It's Father's Day (almost) and being a dutiful rather than 'present' son, I sent my Dad a rather stylish card I picked up in London a couple of weeks ago. It read something like "You did a good job – look at how well I turned out'.

I just got a text from him saying "I did do a good job with you".


I'm welling up! What a cool dude.

As ironic contrast, here is Kid Creole being a total cunt to his illegitimate child (but what a great song). It's in AAC format, so iTunes or bust, pop kids…..

Download Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie I'm Not Your Daddy (remix) 6.1MB

Like this? Purchase 12"/80s here.



  1. eguinan

    I think you’re right. Kid Creole & the Coconuts were part of the Zé Records firmanent in the early eighties. They were very commercially successful in Europe for a few years then. And I think they are still doing the lucrative nostalgia circiut in the UK.

    Kid Creole is the rather emaciated one third from left. Eat some Reece’s Pieces or something, young man!

  2. eguinan

    It’s Coati Mundi. You know him?

    He tried to go solo a la Geri Halliwell, but soon discovered that without las Coconuts, the UK record-buying public didn’t give a sh1t. Oh well…

  3. aspri sokolata

    Now, that’s a proud Daddy! that’s such cool text indeed! Daddies are usually far less expansive when expression feelings & emotions to loved ones than their gay sons! Well sometimes they surprise us! Like when my Dad opened a bottle of champagne when we were over at his house for the oen day. I still remember chatting to your Dad in the pub after your little bro’s confirmation. Lovely man. He seemed completely at ease and he made me feel comfortable.

    I have to figure out how to get a bit closer to mine!

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