Come on Poland!

Pope and the March, originally uploaded by Jim Torr.

Hmmm, despite being listed earlier in the year as one of the world's top ten most homophobic places alongside Iran, Egypt and Uganda, things seem to be changing in Poland.

This year there were more people (6-10,000) in the Warsaw demonstration and no major ugliness.

In fact, despite the march being banned by the mayor of Warsaw, the marchers were joined by several politicians including the Deputy Prime Minister. Cool.
So, Poland, shall we see you fall out of the Top Ten next year, maybe? Best let your politicians know.



  1. Jim Torr

    cheers for the linkage. Quite pleased with the pic myself. As far as the march being banned – it was last year but not this time round. Too much political pressure for them to be able to do that…I heard some monster stories about the same march in Moscow. 60 people in total, 50 of them foreign. Homophobic beatings in the days following the march…

  2. eguinan

    Hi Jim, it’s a telling pic with ol’ Ratzi in the background!

    Was the march not banned? The BBC think so. Anyway, it’s great that a) pressure is being put on and b) the Poles are waking up. It’ll happen in Russia eventually too – fingers crossed.

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