Panti @ Dublin Pride

Pic of Panti @ Dublin Pride

We’ve just had Pride this weekend gone by. A bit overcast, but a very infectious atmosphere. Boyf came over from London to celebrate too – all good. Got a bit trashed and generally had a wonderful time.

Here is a pic of the wonderful Panti, Dublin’s most amazing drag act (apart from Shirley Temple-Bar and Veda Beaux Reves). She was MC for the afterparty (which we left after one too many ‘jazz’ acts). You can see her opening speech on if you like.

And here’s a link to some of my pics of the day on Flickr.

And here are some my pal David took with his enormous new camera.

Happy Pride everyone!



  1. eguinan

    Panti would not be pleased to be mistaken for anyone else! In real life, she is a club promotor called Rory.

    I’ve only ever done drag once and I looked like a rugby player in a dress complete with Lisa stansfield curl. Not all that pretty.

    Ever tried it?

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