Proud to be Queer & Muslim

But I'm a Cheerleader

Note; Annoyingly, a certain site has developed a love for my photos of Imaan at Europride. They’ve repeatedly appropriated stuff from my flickr pages without permission. Said site is now linking to this post, so I’ve removed the pic because I don’t feel very comfortable associating the individuals in the pics with the content of the other blog.

Hopefully, they’ll bugger off soon and leave me and me pics alone.


PS: The text below is fictional, so please don’t start quoting it out of context.

Here I am on the left with some proud Muslims!

My pal, Ubaid, is involved with Imaan, an organisation for GLBT Muslims, and he invited me to join them on their first float in Europride. “So, you want me, a lapsed Catholic Caucasian Irishman to join you on a lorry through the capital of England in the name of Islam with over half a million people watching?” I said.

“Yep”, he said, “and alongside some H A W T boys”.

“Sold”, I replied.


You can have a look at my adventures in this flickr set.

And here’s some semi-appropriate music in the form of those naughty Pussycat Dolls.

Download Pussycat Dolls – Beep (Arabic Remix) mp3

Like this, buy the original version of the Beep single on iTunes.



  1. Rasheed Eldin

    Perhaps you could acknowledge that we removed the pictures after realising our mistakes (i.e. different mistakes on the 2 occasions).

    And I never quote out of context: if you find any such example, please let me know. Rather, I am dedicated to quoting exactly in context, in order to demonstrate just how flawed the rhetoric and arguments of your beloveds are.

  2. Enda Guinan

    Indeed, sir, you guys certainly make mistakes on your blog. Quite what part of ‘All Rights Reserved’ is ambiguous is beyond me. To nick stuff once, to misquote Wilde’s Lady Bracknell, is unfortunate, but to nick twice is carelessness (or is it?).

    The context thing is mentioned just in case you make yet another ‘mistake’.

    My ‘beloveds’? I like that! They are easy to love (dem boyz sure were H A W T!).

    Now, unless you have an opinion on the H A W Tness of Sufjan Steven’s ass, git goin’, amigo, ‘cos there ain’t nuthin’ more to see here. We done?

  3. Rasheed Eldin

    Gee, do you really feel so terrorised by me? Even my linking to you (so as not to upset you with more copyright violations) sends you into a flurry of page-edits and snide remarks. Ah well, I doubt our crossing of paths will take much longer.

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