Sooo, THAT’S how it’s done… (SUFJAN STEVENS)

Blog kids! You wanna double the amount of hits you get on your blog in one fell swoop? Easy. Just post something about SUFJAN STEVENS.

I’ve just recorded the most hits in one day since I began zis leetle blurg some months ago. Why? People searching for material about SUFJAN STEVENS.

Next time, I’ll post about “What I had for lunch and how it reminded me of SUFJAN STEVENS” or “Isn’t it cool to be a big homo, almost as cool as SUFJAN STEVENS?”

Excellent. Now all I have to do is work out how to embed Google AdSense code into these stupid WordPress templates, and I’m winning.

I wonder what SUFJAN STEVENS thinks about this? Or maybe PARIS HILTON has some insights?



  1. peto

    SUFJAN STEVENS, SUFJAN STEVENS, SUFJAN STEVENS Really? how about really DONKY SEX, or other PARIS HILTON blowjob, or tommy lee pamela anderson, or colin farrel sextape?

  2. Minge

    Or hot boy on boy bum action?

    Or photographs of John Barrowman’s cock.

    Or David Tennant naked.

    Or pictures of Pete from Big Brother with his cock out.

    You must let us know if any of this works!

  3. peto

    oh my goodness… have you heard sexyback – Justin Timberlake yet?
    (sexy back- JT, Justin Timberlake Cameron Diaz, topless, europe, paris, wedding)

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