Oooh! I’m in the charts!

Screengrab of WordPress' Blog Of The Day page.Look at this. My blog is at the lofty heights of no. 23 in WordPress’ Growing Blogs of the Day!

And it’s down to Scritti Politti rather than Sufjan Stevens or the Great Gay Muslim Image Appropriation Wars. Kewl!

No. 1 is the amazing-sounding ‘don’t cuss. my mom reads this‘, but at least I beat ‘Mildew’ (The story of one person’s fight to grow vegetables that aren’t disease ridden). I shit you not.



  1. Minge

    Shamone MF! That’s amazing!

    WordPress is fabulous in that it gives a chart…! To be twenty third out of tens of thousands or even millions, well, it’s just amazing!


  2. eguinan

    I think it’s just a percentage gain in 24 hours rather than overall hits. I think the sad reality is that I’m not even in the top million blogs! Wah!!!

    Everyone mention more Paris Hilton and SUFJAN STEVENS! (And ‘John Barrowman’s cock’ – now *I’m* getting it these weirdos LOL)

  3. Minge

    I once saw Paris Hilton with her tits out, and then she flashed her fanny at me! Later that day, I saw Sufjan Stevens and he told me he was a gay man! I’m glad of that, he’d make a weird gay woman. We got talking, and he said he liked cut cocks. I said I preferred uncut cocks. The next thing we were wondering which celebrities were cut or uncut. He thought John Barrowman was circumcised, but I have it on good authority that he is uncircumcised.

  4. januarys

    i cant tell if “amazing-sounding” is sincere or sarcastic. i mean i named the thing, i kind of liked the name. thanks for linking to my blog on your site. was i really at the top of the list? wish i’d had you get me a screenshot too. oh, life’s simple pleasures!

  5. januarys

    this post is still the only thing on the entire internet that sends anyone to my page. hahaha… i thought i’d stop by and say thanks. it’s also worth a mention how weird it is that my internal timer went off exactly one year from the date of this post. maybe i’ll come back and say thanks again next year. 🙂

  6. eguinan

    I look forward to this becoming an annual event.

    “Hey, Januarys’ back. Just threatened to pull out of blogging again, but still here. Margarita????” 😉

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