Some Mixology for you 2: F**k Me, It’s Hot!

Image of me for the mix in handy CD size!
Thanks to David for not suing me for using this pic. Original version here

    It’s summer, so it’s time for a new mix. Every so often, I take a fit of Mixology and need to let it out! This one went from conception to execution in 3 hours. It ranges from loads of remixed 80s shit to loads of Richard X mixes. And frequently these are one and the same.  It’s also 39 MB one track continuous type thang, so download, get some ice cold beers and frug wildly.

  1. Clouds Across The Moon (Tiefschwartz Cloudy Vocal Mix): The Rah Band
  2. Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix): Pet Shop Boys
  3. We Are Your Friends (Original Mix): Justice vs Simian
  4. Same Man (Original Mix): Till West & DJ Delicious (totally demented)
  5. Situation (Richard X Remix): Yazoo
  6. Changes: Chris Lake (lovely HappySad house)
  7. Lips Like Sugar (Way Out West Mix): Echo & The Bunnymen (quite an anthem!)
  8. No More Conversations (Richard X Remix): Freeform Five

Download F**k Me, It’s Hot: Enda P Summer Mix 06 (39MB)

It’s a yousendit file, so 7 days or 100 downloads! Get it while it’s H A W T. 



  1. Minge

    This is fabulous. It’s just started playing. I’ve only ever heard the original version of Clouds Across The Moon. This mix blows my mind.

    Thank you so much!

  2. david

    sounds great BUT I can only play it on Quick Time Player as opposed to iTunes… arse! what’s the story Rory??? I want it on my iPod, mwaaaaaah!

  3. eguinan

    It plays on mine. Just drag it into iTunes. It should be fine!

    Oh thanks for not suing me about stealing, altering and using your pic without crediting you. I’m a bad bad bad bad boy.

  4. Minge

    This blog has had two new looks (that I know of) in the past 24 hours! Both are/were fabulous!

    David is hot, btw.

    Make sure you have the track to open with iTunes and double click it from your desktop. It worked fine with me simply by dragging it in.

    It’s very fabulous.

  5. david

    thanks guys, the dragging worked just fine. And hey, I’ll accept the compliment gracefully!

    thanks Enda for adding the link to my pics :))

    MInge: i read the bits about Eurovison/Eurotrash on your blog… you like all the right music! I must say it was Enda who introduced me to Dubstar, Saint Etienne, Emmylou Harris and MANY other fab artists. I already liked EBTG before we met however. I tried to return the favour by introducing him to fabber French songs and wonderful Greek songs but somehow, he didn’t really take to either, he he!

    I downloaded the song with Antoine de Caunes… hilarious & so cheesy, thanks! The man is a genius. His daughter Emma is getting herself a first name in movies. I wanted to leave a comment on that posting of yours but you can’t leave comments unless you create your own profile 😦 Some day I will!

  6. Minge

    Thanks David! You could have left a comment. I’ve set it so that anyone can leave a message, you don’t have to be a blogger member and you can be anonymous if you like.

  7. Enda P

    David, that is so unfair! How many other non-French people do you know that can sing the chorus of Desenchantee on demand? Or have L’aigle noir by Barbara in their collection? Eh? Eh? Eh? I also like Etienne Daho and… and… French Kiss by Lil’ Louis (!)

  8. themilkman

    Hey, been reading your blog for a bit, and downloaded your mix the other day. Just playing it now, and it sounds really cool. I love Fugitive… why didn’t it make the album…

  9. Enda

    Hey Milkman! Thanks for including me in your rounds.

    GLad you like the mix too. I have no idea why Fugitive wasn’t on the album; it’s a classic. But PSB are good at rewarding the fans like that in that they often have superior b-sides or non-album tracks.

    BTW I totally agree with you about El Perro Del Mar. What a heartbreakingly great/weird album.

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