Countdown to London…. 5 days

Me, overlooking Trafalgar Square, Aug 2005

Look at me gazing out over Trafalgar Square this time last year in London. And now I’m goin’ baaaaaack!Pic of Andrew, Islington, 2005

As ‘im indoors (nice man over there with almost-finished pint) lives in Blighty’s captal, I’m off to London in FIVE days! For FIVE weeks (minus Brighton Pride, a week in Santorini, Greece, a weekend in NYC and another trip to Greece to speak at a conference)! I cannot wait…..

Back to Mine Cd coverTo celebrate, I shall make available a heartbreakingly gorgeous piece of music by Edward Elgar. I first heard this piece on Neil Tennant’s Back to Mine disc, and it broke my heart just a litle bit. That recording was by Sir John Barbirolli conducting the New Philharmonic Orchestra. This one is by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jeffrey Tate, and it’s equally beautiful.

Download this; you so won’t regret it.


Download Sospiri Op. 70 by Jeffrey Tate conducting the London Symphony Orchestra (Mp3 7MB)

Like this? Who couldn’t? Purchase Symphonies 1 & 2 – Cockaigne – Sospiri by Jeffrey Tate, conductor, London Symphony Orchestra.



  1. Minge

    Thanks for the music – I have the Back To Mine thingy, but… Thanks so much!

    Btw – you and your beau look utterly delicious in those photographs!

    Have fun on your travels. I’m dead jealous!

  2. Brian

    Enda you are the OED definition for LUSH. NYC for a weekend, Brighton pride, Santorini for a week. Ah go ‘way wit ya. Some of us have to stay in Dublin and work. I’m grumpy now. grrrr

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