Countdown to London…. 2 days left

Pic of Dolly Parton.Ah, London. He who is tired of London is tired of life and all that malarky. I’m just looking forward to having nothing to do* for a few weeks and doing it in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Speaking of Dolly Parton and Bent (which we weren’t), I rather belatedly discovered this little gem hiding away on Bent’s MySpace (ugh) site (MySpace is hella ugly – I can’t be in there).

I adore Bent. They have developed from being amusing kinda gimmicky, frenetic Lemon Jelly sample-heavy kinda thing on Programmed To Love to becoming rather mellower ‘leftfield electronica’ with country music samples on The Everlasting Blink to ultimately ditching the samples and going for fantastically rounded but atmospheric intelligent pop on Ariels.

Pic of Bent.All the while they’ve been coming up with beautiful, respectful remixes for others. Check out their remix of Speak Low by Billie Holliday or Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby. Both are reverential, ornate, glistening and thrilling.

So, here they are remixing some obscure Dolly Parton album track from 1971. In contrast to the trailer trash facade that she happily cultivates (she understands the value of being a cartoon in order to reach the public consciousness), Parton is an understated songwriter first, a beautiful vocalist second. She wrote ‘I Will Always Love You‘, and in her mouth the track is a fragile thing, a million miles away from the overwrought bluster of Whitney Houston‘s version.

Delicious melody, fragile vocals, country tinge… Bent smell a remix opportunity. If you like this (and you will), try ‘So Long Without You’ by Bent, which has Billie Jo Spears on it, she of ‘Blanket On The Ground’ fame. (God, growing up in rural Ireland in the late 70s, this shit was HUGE.) They also got BJ Cole to sprinkle his pedal steel guitar magic on the track (as he did on Pet Shop Boys‘ ‘You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk).

Download Early Morning Breeze (Bent remix feat. BJ Cole) – Dolly Parton (MP3 4.1MB)

Like this? Buy everything by Bent. Or Dolly’s Ultimate Collection (which has this delish track on!).

* There is that small matter of having to write a goddam paper for the goddam conference, but that’s not for here….



  1. Conortje

    Wow, I love this track. It’s a big hit in Conorland. I’ve always had a soft spot for Dolly. My favourite quote from her is ‘do you have any idea how much money it takes to make me look this cheap’. Maybe I should go to Dollywood – it’d be such a laugh.
    Anyways thanks again for this. Hope the paper is coming on.

  2. themilkman

    Dolly is the original material girl. She understood how to make the most of her “assets” way before Madge was even being concieved. Dolly is a shrewed business woman, an incredibly talented song writter, and an amazing singer. She’s reinvented herself more times than you and I have had hot dinners, yet she’s remained totally unique.

    I’ve got this album, and it is just full of gems, my favourites being The Bargain Store, Heartbreaker, Starting Over Again and Why’d You Come In Here Lookin Like That probably, but this Bent remix is top notch I must say, and certainly doesn’t clash with the rest of her work the way that aweful remix of Nancy’s wonderful Bang Bang does with her otherwise superb repertoire.

    I would recommend you also get Little Sparrow, which is totally amazing.

  3. Minge

    Pure fabulousness.

    I adore Dolly and I adore Bent.

    I’d heard they were going to be working with Billie Ray Martin. But was this just a rumour?

  4. eguinan

    All true, themilkman, Bang Bang really only worked on the dancefloor. Rather grating outside of that context, whereas Bent seem to be most sympathetic to the subjects’ work.

    MInge, I’d not heard of the Billie Ray Martin connection. Bent arre prreviewing some new tracks on their hideous myspace page, and no sign of BRM.

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