Countdown to London….. 1 DAY LEFT

While of course I am thrilled to be about to live with my man for five weeks (long distance relationships are a pain in the knob), I am almost equally thrilled that in just one day I shall be on the very same island as the creator of this, ladies and jellyspoons.

Pic of Minge with new peroxide 'do'Yes, the ever-fabulous Minge is releasing his debut single. On Monday. The same day as I alight in Heathrow Airport, London, England, UK. The United Kingdom, no less, which includes Scotland, which is where the proto-star lives. Shall I take a train, nah, flight up north and stalk him? Seeing as he is on the actual cusp of superstardom quite literally?

While the a-side is wondrous, DJs should be brave and flip that vinyl round. The b-side is genius and, I believe, will be even more popular with ‘ver kids’. It’s called Come (And Be A Lesbian), and is credited to Whinge.

An article reacting to the leak:

Stylus report that Minge (vocals, words) is ‘the lovechild of Cicero and Edward McMurrow’ and that this download is ‘a hint that our European friends may yet be capable of some surprises’. have Whinge on tomorrow’s first ever splash page for the site, and have put Whinge at number 10 in their illustrious PJ Almighty. But not everyone is happy. Sources close to Dannii Minogue say that she is ‘gutted’ that her vocals were not the one used on the final mix. Minge, speaking to pitchfork exclusively had this to say:

Dannii is a wonderful human being. I love how her presence in the media kept reminding us of her sister’s heroic struggle with cancer. That Dannii would let her comeback and Greatest Hits album slide into obscurity so quickly is a testimony to sisterly love. We agonised over leaving out her vocals but we thought, actually, she isn’t really hot right now, so who cares?

You can get the track here here. You are witnessing the next Arctic Monkeys/Lily Allen/Sandi Thom thing. Right. Now.

More Whinge action and tracks can be found at their website.



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