London… 5 days in…

I have been remiss in the blogaration, but that’s because I’ve been busy sleeping in, buying half of London (got those Nike+ things, they really work…), discovering my new favourite music/DVD shop ever (Fopp on Tottenham Court Road; I got Mew, Scritti, Sleepy Jackson, Various, Khonnor, Dntel, Martha Wainwright, Pet Shop Boys’ Minimal and an Atlantic Soul comp – salivate, Brian C!), applying ‘holiday skin’ in anticipation of a fleshfest at Brighton Pride and getting a no. 2 crop.

Yes, I am now without hair. It was time to bite the bullet and become a PowerBaldie rather than try to coax my thinning mop into covering the patch. I shall post pics later (much later, I’m getting the train to Brighton later and then to Greece on Tuesday!).

But now, to shake my stuff at the lovely seaside resort that is Brighton (and Hove).

Ciao for a couple of weeks!



  1. Brian

    I’m quite sure you look buff and damn sexy. can’t wait to see the photos. Ya lucky thing. Enjoy Brighton it sounds like lots of fun.

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