Image of The Hidden Cameras.It’s been a rum old fortnight.

I went to a gig on October 1st. I’m terrible for not going to gigs, yet when I do go, I invariably love it and have a simply soopah time. And the Hidden Cameras in the lovely Sugar Club in Dublin was no exception. I went there with my lovely pal, Brian, who goes to gigs every five minutes, harassed BBC Radio 6Music, and is hugely enthusiastic about everyone from Cat Power to Shakira via Slater Kinney.

Anyway, ver Cameras and their ‘gay folk church music’ were fantastic, and the new album, AWOO (review here), is much better than the previous one, Missisauga Goddamn, if not quite as good as debut, The Smell Of Their Own. Since they asked very nicely for the audience to move forward, I and Brian did just that and spent the night pogoing ecstatically in front of (the surprisingly hunky) Joel. They rock. Buy the album.

Download ‘She’s Gone’ -The Hidden Cameras (5.4MB)

Love this? Buy AWOO here. Or wherever you want. Just get it. 



  1. bah humhug

    mr mac is ded. D-E-D. *sigh* you play around with some little dinky “diagnostic” software and a moment later, *pfffffft*. Big time. Words cant express my anger and desol’e. Bah. to the local mac store i come.


    yours in not-so-exquisite agony,

    The Doctor.
    -=disease and death=-

  2. eguinan

    Oooh, did you cause a kernel panic? Can you boot from the CD or do the firewire thing with another Mac? What happens when you turn it on? I’m all for tinkering under a bonnet in order to “learn”, but you had everything backed up before you started playing around, right?

    My one has something wrong too. It’s as sloooooooooooooooooooooow as fuck to boot. It always seems to get a bit funny before a new version of OSX… Hmmmmm….

    Actually I had a ‘non-epileptic seizure’ the other night, fell unconscious and bashed my head in a bit. It’s just like a kernel panic, except I rebooted after a half an hour. Jeez, I should be putting this stuff in the blog….

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