Image of swooning ladiesI had a bit of a swoon the other night. I was having at my lovely pal Eimear’s house, a couple of glasses of red and all that, when I felt a bit hot. I stood up, felt decidedly crapola. Then I woke up on the floor with Eimear and Sinéad tending to me. Apparently I got up again, but fainted one more time (bashing my head in the process). anyway, the lips were blue, I was deathly white and overheating. I eventually came back to a tolerable level of conciousness after half an hour.

Isn’t that weird? Googling tells me it was a ‘non-epileptic seizure’. I had one of those about 12 years ago too.

Am I going to die hideously when driving my wretched Fiesta down the M50?

I don’t know, but I’m taking Monday off to have a wee think about it all.



  1. bah humhug

    non epileptic seizure? that’s a self negating statement. your’s truly believes it to be alcohol induced; but giving you the benefit of the doubt, let’s call it “vasovagal syncope”. ala simple faint. the alternative diagnosis which may also apply (tho i hope not) is pseudoseizure. but only nutcases with an underlying subconscious burden and an attention seeking attitude get those. oh wait. nevermind.

    you can tell i’m still bitter from my mac expiring. to answer your question, “yes” to the above. sent it to the local macshop and he reckons the HD is banjaxed. there goes all me porn. thank god i had the sense of backing up in ireland.

    oh and dahling, if you’re going to be doing a princess Di on us on the M50, at least rent out a Merc. ;P

    hugs to all.(even the jebus girl)

  2. Enda P

    Alcohol-induced my ass. I was on my third glass on wine and had finished a meal. And what, pray, are the typical causes of a simple faint (also called non-epileptic seizure if unrelated to epilepsy, Herr Doktor!)?

    Anyway, your Mac is dead, but the magicians at the Genius Bank will fix it. All you have to do is reinstall your bootleg software and smut.

    PS: You do know that anyone can read this, right?

  3. disgruntled

    The masses may read, who knows, maybe i’ll get a fanclub or something. ok, so maybe alcohol wasnt a definite cause (or could it be your tolerance going down the tube? AFib!!). Your symptoms were classical of a simple faint. you got a second one because you didnt give yourself time to recover from the first. as for causes….beats me; i’m on hols and have left my work back in the emerald isles. may i recommend for all your queries. at the very least it’s reputable and wont charge you 60 quid like some visiting gps. membership required. but freeeeeeeeee. you can afford free. 😉

    and i’d torch the server that yielded “non epileptic seizure”. honestly. misleading. may it be smote harshly; maybe along the lines of turning it into a pillar of salt?

  4. eguinan

    I looked at I have concluded that a) you are correct about seizure being not quite accurate, b) my grasp of medical language causes me to gloss through a lot of the material there as I just can’t understand it (it’s for health professionals I guess) and c) it looks like I won’t die (unless I have subarachnoid hemorrhage {which sounds a little insulting to spiders to me}).However I may have Brugada syndrome because I am a mutant and I’m fucked essentially!

    Enjoy Malaysia!!!

  5. Enda P

    Hey Pete, good to see ya. I’m still alive, awaiting results of various blood tests later this week. Let’s hope it’s something rare and exotic! lol

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