It’s 9:56. Andrew’s plane was due at 9pm. Delayed til 9:30 but just landed a few minutes ago. So I decided to update mon blog while I wait for him to traipse from the plane and get through customs.

The airport is rammed – it’s a Bank Holiday weekend here so lots of coming and going. Ooops text just in… It’s him; he’s landed.

 So, tonight it’s hotel in the city centre, some wine and catch up (ahem), then tomorrow we’re off to a Hallowe’en party. Fancy dress is mandatory, it seems, so I’ve borrowed Tony’s tux and I’ll improvise from there. Andrew is doing some military chic look. We ave to hit the town in full costume before the party though, so that’ll be fun: andrew HATES fancy dress – it’s “enforced fun”, he says.

I’ve been feeling a bit odd since the swoon, so I do hope I can be Up for the whole thing, but fingers crossed.

 Have a Happy Hallowe’en, those of you who celebrate it! I’m off to the arrivals area to welcome my man. Toodles.



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