I’m in Boulder, Colorado…

Isn’t that fun? And it’s election day here and one of the issues is whether or not the Coloradans should ban gay marriage.

Anyway, I’m waiting to register for a conference and it’s a fab day outside so I may go for a wee ramble.

(God, that was the most dull post I’ve ever done, but my brain is a bit zonked after a ten hour flight from London and three very stupid movies.)



  1. eguinan

    That would be rather cool, but alas, it’s a week in Boulder for me (unless I pay nearly $500 to escape at the weekend. Bah!).

    It’s very flat here (Rocky Mountains excepted, of course…).

  2. peto

    Colorado can be a rather interesting place although Never personally been through Boulder. Speaking of being there in Colorado are you hearing anything on the street about Meth exploits of Ted Haggard?

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