Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, originally uploaded by Enda P.

This was what I was faced with all week until I had a chance to venture forward and discover the really rather charming Pearl St area. After day 2 I was a bit scared that the whole town was just one big dull strip mall. Alas, it gets dark around 5pm and American people don’t walk anywhere and especially not in the dark, so I felt like some kind of weirdo criminal poor person for daring to walk for longer than three minutes and not to a store.

Anyway, it’s Saturday morning and after a fab breakfast (they know how to do this properly!), I’m going to venture out again to the action. However, there seems to be some kind of ball game on as some very gaudily-dressed persons are milling about.

Yes, I am using my laptop in the restarant. I can’t get net access in my room, so the lobby area is wireless – yay!

Peopel suggested that I rent a car and drive up the Rockies. I nodded yes of course, but a) I didn’t take my licence, b) my licence is in pink fluffy tatters (washing machine) and c) no way am I going to attempt driving an automatic car on the wrong side of the road with 6 lanes and no bloody idea where I’m going. I think I shall settle for the local charms instead.

Anyway, the conference I attended was excellent and will do wonders for me professionally and practically, I think. Back to reality tomorrow evening, to arive back in London on Monday morning and Dublin later that day. Yawn….



  1. Brian

    Sounds great Enda. I like the brilliant sunshine there – the kind of light we never get in these northern shores. Driving an automatic is the easiest thing you could ever do – you ought to try it sometime and let me tell you the roads in the USA are a joy to drive on. Honest Guv. Safe journey back and bring a bit of winter sun wit ya!

  2. eguinan

    Hey B, I did notice that the drivers here seem very laid back, super cautious at pedestrian crossings (I felt so naughty when I jaywalked!) and very little of the impatient beeping you find in New York or London (or even Dublin, gasp!). Still, I would need a GPS thing or, failing that, some Puerto Rican hottie to read the map for me.

    Minge, do you really want to hear about the conference? It was boring work stuff (except that it was actually very exciting work stuff, but I only think it’s exciting because I’m a bit of a geeknerd underneath the bonnet. anyway, here’s the website, and you’ll get a sense of it:

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