Look at Enda. See Enda Dance. Dance, Enda, Dance.

A while back, Minge compiled his Top Ten Party Tracks and forced us to do the same. I toyed with the idea of doing a mix but I’ve not had time, so here is my top ten. And it was rather bloody difficult! I could have chosen 50 or 100. However, if any of these came on, I would wiggle my tush and ‘give it loads’.

In no particular order of discotasticness:

  • Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona) Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka 1995
  • Touch Me The 49’ers 1989

  • Dreamer (Original Club Mix) Livin’ Joy 1995

  • Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix) Grace 1993
  • Walking On Sunshine Rockers Revenge feat. Donnie Calvin 1982

  • Hold That Sucker Down O.T. Quartet 1994

  • Wait Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle 1989

  • I Feel Love Donna Summer 1977

  • Love On My Mind (Back to Philly Remix) Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson 2005
  • Ride On Time Black Box 1989

And if this came on, I’d wig out entirely. For verily, ’tis genius:

  • Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) Hazell Dean 1984


  1. David Minogue

    Hi Enda,
    Great post,

    Some great stuff there.
    10 of my disco / don’t give a frigg if I’m dancing on my own on the George dancefloor tracks would include.

    1. Red light -Billy Ocean
    2. Make the world go round -Sandy B
    3. Don’t let me be misunderstood – Santa Esmeralde
    4. I can’t stand the rain -Eruption
    5. 7 ways to love – Cola Boy
    6. September – Earth Wind and fire
    7. Deepest blue – Deepest Blue
    8. I want your love – Chic
    9. If I can’t have you – Yvonne Elliman
    10 Stomp – The Brothers Johnson


  2. eguinan

    Ooh! Sandy B, Cola Boy and Chic were bubbling under. If I Can’t Have You is a stomper too- -for those days when you need a wind-machine and a pair of fuck-me heels to go shopping in Tesco.

  3. David Minogue

    Sweet, Enda! Shopping in Tesco Prussia Street will never be the same again! “loving you more” by BT featuring Vincent Covello and Dirty Cash by the Adventues of Stevie V, were 2 that also came to mind,

  4. psheridan

    Hey Enda. Its amazing what gets thrown up when you google “I feel Love” by Donna Summer! Interesting selection!

  5. psheridan

    Yes enda it is I! A blast from the Past. As for the type of person who googles “I feel Love” Maynooth does strange things to a boy. lol.

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