End-of-year List Madness: Part 1.

Here’s my Top 20 Most Played Tracks of 2006 Added in the Last 12 Months according to the all-powerful, yet curiously anal, tiny people who live in iTunes with big calculators (relatively speaking). Image of Bic Runga.

1. Say After Me – Lady Bic of Runga

2. Numb – Les Pets. If all downloads had been allowed to count towards the UK charts after England were knocked out of the World Cup, this would have been number one (according to The Word).

3. SOS – ABC (how did that get in here?)

4. The Boom Boom Bap Scritti Politti

5. Mecklenburg – Audrey (Gloomy gloomy stuff from Scandinavian ladies)

6. Crazy Logic – Arty Fufkin (mad mashup of Gnarls Barkley & Supertramp. The BF loves it. and would put it on repeat on holiday).

7. Star Witness – Neko (Suit)Case

8. Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case (again)

9. M I N I M A L – P E T S H O P B O Y S . Great year for les Pets, but what a clumsy non-intuitive and frankly, inaccessible, website….

10. Angel Eyes –The Czars (nothing like a miserable alt-country same-sex version of an Abba song to gladden one’s cockles. Tres Brokeback, dahling)

11. Chinese Translation – M Ward. Great song; lovely video. He’s only 33 (like me) but has released a squillion good albums. I feel like a sloth. Image of M Ward

12. For The Time Being (AlexKid Mix) Phonique feat Erlend Øye. Actually I’m a bit bored of this now. And the remix is a gazillion times better than the version on YouTube.

13. I’ll Be By Your Side – Sally Shapiro. Super catchy 80s Europop soundalike. The producer was very nice to me on Last.fm when I said how much I liked this track. This is del.ici.ous. And this remix with nutter video is not bad at all and totally what YouTube was born for!

14. Changes – Chris Lake. HappySad dance track utterly utterly ruined by the addition of clumsy vocals for the radio. Avoid.

15. A Lady Of A Certain Age – The Divine Comedy. Neil Hannon, like PSB, gets over desire to be rawk and goes back to what he does very very well indeed.

16. We’re Here – Guillemots. I heard this on the radio one evening and was mesmerised. I got over it later though. That’s showbusiness.

17. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Susanna & The Magical Orchestra.Image of Susanna & The Magical Orchestra. Adding swathes more melancholy to the original. The whole album (more anon) is a cathartic misery-fest. (No link, as their website is one of those hugely ill-concieved ones with Flash and pop-ups – I couldn’t get past the first page, so why bother?)

18. Washing Up (Tiga Mix) – Tomas Andersson. The sound of a Dyson fucking an iMac on a dancefloor is how I described it a couple of days after giving it some welly on the dancefloor in The Dragon. Everyone else hates it. Good. (Except for these people in Creamfields Andalucia! Choooooooooon!)

19. We Interrupt This Program – Coburn. Another one from my “I Love Fucked-Up House Music” phase.

20. Early Morning Breeze (Bent Remix feat BJ Cole) – Dolly Parton. Not from this year either, but it should have been on their wonderful Ariels album. And while I’m here, Intercept wasn’t really magnificent guys.

More lists to follow; Best Albums & Top 40 Best Tracks & Stuff. And then some treats….. 🙂


One comment

  1. Conortje

    Checked out the M Ward video on your recommendation – it’s great – as is the album! Glad to see Early Morning Breeze on your list – I also got to know that because of you and I love it! Go raibh mile maith agat.

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