Nu Blog Entry from Nu Enda

Image of boring genereric jazz combo playing instruments.Image of battered old Merc.

Just downloaded the latest Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape compilation, and, as always, one has to do a bit of tidying up of the metadata (“Nerd” – Rest of the World).

Musically, one has quite a bit of pruning to do. Presumably, as Merc is a premium marque, they don’t wish to associate it with Hi-NRG Almighty covers of Shania Twain tracks or songs by alcoholics about alcohol etc. Unfortunately this means the beards who comile these things favour lots of tedious noodly coffee table fusion by people called Granufunk or Reebosound (I shit you not). Things can get a little “Jazz Club” at times. There is a track called ‘You Can’t Move The Butterfly’, which is every bit as bad as you would imagine. Sample lyric: “Snake, you taste the poison taste/Snake, you’re dying in your lake”

And the genres they choose are hilarious; they used to be really specific like ‘Crunchy Space Folktronica’ (Ok, I made that up, but I forget the specifics because I delete the fecking things and put more sensible labels such as ‘Pop’ or ‘Shite’) . They are a little more traditional this time; as well as ‘Soul’, ‘R&B’ and ‘Folk’ (?), we have their glossier cousins: ‘Nu Soul’, ‘Nu Funk’, ‘Nu Jazz’ and indeed ‘Nu Folk’.

Nu thanks.

Yet, I download ’em every 10 weeks. In the past they have revealed an occasional gem that makes the whole exercise, particularly this delicious thing.

Go here to download Bhang-Rajah by Raj Asia (5MB).

Like this?  Then take your chances with the Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape compilation, released every 10 weeks.


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