Daddy or Chips Top 40 Tracks of 2006! 30-21

 HIdden Cameras, Sugar Club, Dublin Oct 1, 2006  Image of Anika Moa Image of Peter Bjorn & John Imae of Neko Case

More loveliness from 2006. I notice that Pitchfork put their Top 100 up today too, and just to show off they provided mp3s for lots of them (so head over there and nick ’em!).

Back to the countdown…

30. Fee Fie – The Hidden Cameras

Joel’s mannered style isn’t to everyone’s taste, but the melodies and violins are killer. Ace live too!

29. The Resurrectionist – Pet Shop Boys

Few enough acts save their really good stuff for b-sides. Electronic stormer about Victorian gravediggers. But of course!

28. To Be Loved – Bent

Former come-down kings lose BJ Cole and go ‘a bit spiky’. Standard song structure dispensed with to go glorious at 2:17 in.

27. Star Witness – Neko Case

Never has a car accident sounded so beatific.

26. Changes – Chris Lake

HappySad house later ruined by stapled on banal vocals (“Let it lie, Enda”).

25. One More Try – My Robot Friend feat. AntonyCover of My Robot Friend single

Anto escapes the Johnsons and goes to the disco. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

24. Stolen Hill – Anika Moa

Bic Runga’s barefoot pal turns up the quiet storm misery. Must be something in the NZ waters.

23. Find Yourself A Friend (Seamus Haji Big Love Vocal) – Paul Harris

I do hope SH is an Irish-Japanese person, cos he’s got the funk on this ode to going clubbing to find a shag.

22. Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John feat. Victoria Bergsman

Ok, all together now; “phwee, phwee, pwee, pwee, pwee, pwee, pweeeee” (Ok, it’s hard to transcribe whistling).

21. Steady, As She Goes – The Raconteurs

Jack White’s ‘supergroup’ make a storming track – with unexpected punctuation!

20-11 tomorrow (if the staff party doesn’t kill me. If not, Wednesday!)


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