Image of Air France / Cityjet plane.God, back at work after two weeks off. A great fortnight with family fun in Galway and then bliss in my second home in London. I got home from London last night at 11:30. No one in the house. No milk/food. Too knackered to bother going back out for supplies. And now I’m at work with brain in second gear. Plenty to be getting on with, but I haven’t the slightest interest.

Happily, I work in my own office and no one is around to watch my doing feck all except for booking my next flights to London. Hooray for Air France‘s service to London City airport. It may seem more expensive than Aer Lingus and Ryanair et al, but by the time you’ve taken into account the cost of your Heathrow /Stanstead/ Gatwick transfers and the time and hassle, then Air France is the way to go! Also they give you coffee and stuff, and there’s never a queue in City!

And the charts have gone mad. Yay!



  1. eguinan

    It is, you know it is , it really is, yes. It’s just sooooooo handy to get to and from. It’s rather businessperson oriented, so you don’t get HMV or McDonalds etc. But they’ll give you a broadsheet and you can have coffee alongside suited-types. I always feel very efficient when I travel to and from City! Fabulous indeed!

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