Meme Time. 5 Things!

Image of altar boy

That Mildew. She tag me good.

Ok, here’s 5 Things You Never Knew About Me.

1. My Confirmation name is Nicholas. It was common for youngsters about to be Confirmed to choose the name of a saint that meant something to them. As a very reasonable 12-year-old, I reasoned that no saint had done anything for me other than Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus.
2. But I was also in awe of Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran, so that may have had some bearing on things.
3. The first record I ever bought was Happy Talk by Captain Sensible. It was a 7″ and the b-side scared me.
4. I have written a book. If you want to know how to write an essay for university, look no further.
5. I once told my teacher to fúck off. I was a shy six-year-old and he (Mr Downey – hiya!) was coercing me into Irish dancing in front of the class. I wasn’t having it. The poor man was so startled that the good boy swore at him, he didn’t even punish me!

Ok, that was weird. Now, I tag Conor, Alan, Tom, David and Afwan.

(PS: That’s not me up there. I’m not that bloody old!)



  1. Conortje

    Oh my good lord- the pressure – not that coming up with five things is difficult but I get the impression I am supposed to tag a further five people? Yikes!!! Do I know that many bloggers? I’m having sweats and beginning to feel very unpopular – it’s like being left until the very end in school when they were picking who to be on their football team……..what do I do???? PANIC!!
    On the denial front I am mighty impressed Enda at both the book and the Teacher Swearing – you’re an inspiration on many fronts (and possibly a couple of backs!).

  2. eguinan

    LOL. You dont have to tag 5; you can do as few/many as you wish! (It could be an interesting way of meeting new bloggers!)

    Ah yes, Teacher Swearing. I’ve was an early practitioner and occasionally reverted when I was a teacher for a while hee hee!

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