UCC Posse 2007

UCC Posse 2007, originally uploaded by Enda P.

Just back from a delightful weekend with these four freaks. We met in college in 1991 in University College Cork and have remained in contact since (despite my having ditched them in 1992 ha ha!).

One of us has two kids.
One of us is a police officer.
One of us is 40.
One of us has a PhD.
One of us is suffering from male-pattern baldness (but only because I have too much testosterone. The mad doctor said so.)



  1. eguinan

    @ themilkman: Coincidence? Or maybe that’s where my subconcious hangs out, with Divine, Ricki Lake and John Waters.

    @ Alan: We have a 24 hour Tesco in Maynooth. You can get away with murder at 3 am.

    @ Minge: “Do you think a girl should go to bed with a fella if he doesn’t love her?”
    “Yeah. If it’s me.” 😉

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