New Classic: Sally Shapiro * I’ll Be By Your Side

Image of Sally Shapiro

Earworm alert. Again.

I first heard Sally Shapiro‘s ‘I’ll Be By Your Side’ last year and it deservedly found it’s way onto my end of year Top 40. So, deliciously melancholy Italo-disco that sounds like it was big in, em, Italy in 1984. Loved it lots and played it lots and lots and then a bit less. And that’s the shape one’s relationship with music tends to take:

  1. Discovery
  2. Love/Hate/Indifferent
  3. If love, repeated plays for certain period of time
  4. Less regular outings
  5. Even fewer outings.

But Sally has bucked the trend and came slamming back into my consciousness this week. I have no idea why, but methinks said track must now be added to All Time Classic status. Funny that.

Why not give it a whirl? The producer of the track, Johan Agebjorn, has made it available free in But you may like to explore the accompanying album, Disco Romance, too, which is fully available in shitty ol’ iTunes Music Store, but maybe you could get the CD? Image of Disco Romance sleeve



  1. themilkman

    I always find that, although my listening pattern of most albums follow pretty much yours, some keep on creeping back on me with insistent regularity. It is, in most cases, linked to my adoration for the respective artists, in which case most albums tend to get regular airing, although there’s always one of two that stick out for each artist. My regular playlist would include:

    Autechre: Tri Repetae / Chiastic Slide
    Cocteau Twins: Heaven Or Las Vegas / Head Over Heels
    Broadcast: Tender Buttons / Ha Ha Sound
    Alice Coltrane: Ptah, The El Daod / Journey In Satchidananda
    Animal Collective: Campfire Songs / Feels
    310: Recessional / After All

    This is certainly not a restrictive list, and it is often altered by my mood, events (the death of Alice Coltrane last week has made me reach for about her entire back catalogue again) or conversations.

  2. eguinan

    Well said, particularly in relation to favoured artists. My list would probably be like this:

    Blue Nile: Peace at Last/High
    Scritti Politti: Anomie & Bonhomie
    Prefab Sprout: Jordan The Comeback/Steve McQueen
    Magnetic Fields: Charm of the Highway Strip/69 Love Songs
    Bent: Ariels
    Rufus Wainwright: Poses/Want One

    Funnily enough, no PSB album makes the grade!

    After that, I’d have one-offs that drift in and out, namely

    Avalanches: Since I Left You
    6ths: Hyanciths and Thistles
    Antony & the Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now
    Inner City: Praise
    Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 2
    Michael Penn: March (husband & wife achieve entries on my chart!)
    Gavin Bryars: Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet
    Holst: The Planets
    Paddy McAloon: I Trawl the MEGAHERTZ
    Spagna: The Very Best Of*

    And probably more I’ve forgotten.

    Now you’ve made me want to go listen to ’em!

    * kidding… 🙂

  3. themilkman

    I’ve actually just posted an extension of my reply to you on my blog, and there are a couple of PSB albums in there. Obviously!

    It is quite interesting to see that you seem to have a couple of ‘recuring’ albums per artist in the same way as I have.

    I also agree on one-offs songs, although I don’t have any in mind at the moment. I am overall much more of an album listener than a single listener, so this perhaps explains why.

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