Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dancefloor – MIX TIME!

I’m feeling mixular once again, pop pickers. Oldies and newies aimed at getting people all flailing arms and legs akimbo at an upcoming house party. It’s not as super perfect as I would like, but I really wanted to get these particular tracks in – it’s for a birthday boy (who might be reading this blog, so I’ll shut up now.)

You can download a zip with the mix in iPod battery-friendly separate (but still mixed) files, so if your crossfade setting is on, turn it off, man….


  1. Flawless (Phunk Investigation Vocal Mix): The Ones
  2. Relax, Take it Easy (Ashley Beedle’s Castro Vocal Disco Mix): MIKA
  3. Flashdance Original Club Mix (UK radio version): Deep Dish
  4. Yeah Yeah (D Ramirez Extended Vocal): Bodyrox feat. Luciana
  5. I Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix): Donna Summer
  6. Insomnia 2005: Faithless

Download Birthday Mix Part 1 (Zip file  49MB)



  1. eguinan

    @ themilkman: I’ve always found it such an *odd* piece of dance music. It’s based on a re-recorded loop and samples from kinda dire ‘He’s a Dream’ by Shandi from the Flashdance soundtrack. It’s structure is most atypical and yet I’ve seen people race to the dancefloor when it comes on. The Bodyrox track is similarly weird and spiky – I’m surprised (and a bit thrilled) when stuff like that crosses over to mass audiences.

    @ pete: The idea that you are grooving to my little mixes all the way over there in Dallas makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    @ MInge: High praise indeed…..;)

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