Mad Weekend

Dublin, 27th Jan 2007, originally uploaded by Enda P.

I’m barely awake, but what a weekend. Andrew was in town and my bestest friend, Kevin, had a surprise party for his 33rd birthday. Andrew and I had to distract Kevin during the day while his partner frantically prepared the house and got the guests in. The plan was hatched and executed flawlessly all day in a relay-like operation (which involved me getting a bit tiddly on Kir Royales for a good part of the afternoon).

Anyway, the party was a huge success, there were lots of delightful people, consumption and dancing (to my mixes!), and we floated back to our hotel at 7am. Happily, we had asked for a late checkout (which appeared on the bill as, wonderfully, ‘Sleepy Sunday’), so we were relatively intact enough to get get Andrew back on his plane to London at 6.

Bah. This long-distance malarkey is totally getting on my tits.



  1. brian

    ahh just read your entry and picked up on the frustration felt at airport goodbyes. would hug you if i could. ye see plenty of eachother tho but still doesn’t make it easier. my own life is in a mess at the moment i promise you. i took an awkward fall on the pistes friday last and broke my arm. bloody nuisance that’s what it is. shall have plenty boredom time in next 6 weeks. maybe c u soon…..b xx

  2. Enda P

    Poor B, I’ve texted you, you poor little broken mite!

    Alan, these goodbyes are part ‘n’ parcel at this stage. Except this time I had to do public transport as my stupid car is unroadworthy and I don’t need it enough to be sufficiently motivated to have it repaired!

  3. eguinan

    The reactions to the mixes were, em, mixed! The main party action was upstairs and a system was set up downstairs to accommodate boogiage. Peopel would follow the host quite a bit, so when he was downstairs the place was jumping. The shouts of Whoo! when a new (familiar) track came on was great. I was mad chuffed! But they found some of the stuff (my 2006 dance mix) a bit too full on. I’m a sucker for the sexy house, but sometimes a party needs a bit more fromage!

    All in all, a hit, but lessons learned too!

    I don’t think you’re a dance head, Conor. What do you think of this sort of stuff? Club context only or accompaniment to some light housework? 🙂

  4. eguinan

    OK, you go to Aberdeen and start pushing backwards and I’ll go to Kerry and do the same. (If the bloody Isle of Man start complaining again, I shall steal all of their tailess cats and feed them to the Welsh.)

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