Mix Time: Spring Collection

Andrew, Dublin, Jan 27 2007, originally uploaded by Enda P.

Another mix, I hear you ask? Why, yes, I say. Yes, indeed.

This gratuitous arty shot of Andrew (no. 1 main squeeze) introduces my latest swingorilliant mix. Tomorrow is the 1st of February, the beginning of Spring for us mad people who divide the seasons by calendar months (it’s valid!), and having boogied quite a bit last weekend, I fancied putting together a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ of fresh tunes.

Which are:

  1. The Beat Is Rockin’ (Simmons & Christopher Remix) * Erick E
  2. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Seamus Haji Mix) * Seamus Haji
  3. The Groove (Original) * Louise Ciccone
  4. Lead You To Heaven (Finest Dream) Part 2 * And If feat. Alison Limerick
  5. The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix) * Camille Jones
  6. See Ya (Original) * Effin & Blindin
  7. Rain Down Love (2006 Club Mix) * Freemasons feat. Siedah Garrett
  8. Pennies From Heaven (Mark Wilkinson Kidology Mix) * Inner City

Madge fans should find track 3 of interest. I know nothing about it other than it seems to be Madonna’s Into The Groove from an alternate timeline. Enjoy! I myself adore the And If track for it’s melancholy orchestral sample. Aw…

Download the continuous mix (Remastered mp3 50MB) [mediafire link



  1. Conor

    While I’m absolutely not a fan of dance music I do like music you can dance to 🙂 I love funky acid jazz type stuff. I’ve had some terrible nights in dance clubs until I refused to try it any more – I figured that drugs must play a fairly big part in the appreciation and wasn’t really into that so retreated back to my white wine and pixies cds hehehehe

  2. Conor

    By the way your photo reminds me of how I always laugh at hotel’s descriptions of ‘Tea and Coffee making facilities’ – basically it means they have a kettle in the room. Priceless!

  3. eguinan

    @ Minge: Glad you like, m’dear! And I shall participate in your shamelessly self-promoted event!

    @ Conor: I’ve always had time for a dance track, but I’ve gotten far more into it of late. I think it’s the frustrated DJ side of me though. That said, I do rather enjoy frugging wildly all night in some drug-infested hole in London surrounded by identikit gays with their tops off LOL!

  4. eguinan

    Bless you Dave! What a compliment. I’d love to DJ, but I think I need a shitload of practce to begin to cut it live. It’s taken me a while to get it reasonably OK on the laptop!

    (Bizarrely, your comment was identified as spam. I found and recovered it by accident! So, if any future comments of yours don’t appear immediately, let me know, just in case)

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