Oops, Almost Missed It… Jolly Good Tracks No. 1

And here we have some Erasmus students walking around a dark forest at night, possibly looking for a place where they can buy a small glass of beer and share it for three hours as they complain about the weather in their host country.

Except of course, it’s Robyn and her mate. Robyn used to be a purveyor of moderately vacuous Scandi-pop a few years back, but she seems to have had a major change of heart and is now churning out very impressive slabs of robo-indie-pop. Last year she had two wonderful collaborations. One, ‘With Every Heartbeat’ with Kleerup is very much worth hunting down. The second, with producer Christian Falk and some bloke, is presented here for your approval. You might be able to find it somewhere on the superb goodweatherforairstrikes blog.

On the track Robyn opens her arms to a list of lowlives telling them “You won’t be squealed on, ripped on tonight / You won’t be back-stabbed, double-crossed, face down, teeth knocked out, lying in a gutter somewhere.” A step up from ‘Show Me Love’, eh?



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