Happy Hallmark Marketing Day!

I know, I’m very cynical, but the man and I are not hugely bothered about Valentine’s Day. we sent a couple of slushy emails this morning and we’ll have a Skype session tonight and I’m good with that!

That’s not to say I’d totally refuse a bottle of bubbly, two dozen roses and a swanky dinner, like.

Amyway, here is a very romantic song by the lovely Esther Phillips. It’s a version of the Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’ except she’s changed the pronoun just in case anyone thought she was lesbo.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Andrew 😉

Download And I Love Him by Esther Phillips (MP3 2.4MB)
Like this? Buy the Atlantic Gold 3CD compilation which is being flogged for less than the price of a single in HMV etc at the mo.

Image of nasty Love Heart sweetie



  1. themilkman

    I’m quite like that with the whole Valentine thing, and so is my other half. We just give each other cards (when he remembers anyway!) and that’s about it. Mind, a few years ago, he had a single rose sent to my work, which was a) totally unexpected, and b) very nice, with loads of ‘oooooooos’ from everybody who was passing near my desk all day.

    Do you really need one day to remind you that you love someone?

  2. Enda P

    The single rose business I could deal with, but I think Andrew is actually quite macho and wouldn’t do something like that. I’d love to have the ‘ooooo’s in the office. I sent my ex flowers at work once for his birthday and he was chuffed (even if we had broken up at the time!).

    It’s hard not to get caught up in these things at times though.

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