Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Let’s Dance!

Pic for the mix

Still trying to shake off a nasty cold, so am stuck at home. I treated myself to a new piece of software called Mixed in Key, which allows one to identify what key tracks are in and consequently making mixing more harmonious. On Friday night, I tried it out with lots of older tracks and it was horrid, which made me realise that mixing is not just about putting similar tracks beside each other; it’s also about all sorts of other things like beatmatching and context and so on.

Anyway, I abandoned that project for the moment and decided to do a mix with current tracks instead. And I’m impressed! Matching the keys means I could mix tracks into each other much earlier without the overlap sounding a bit off. I’m terribly pleased! (Apart from the bloody too loud bits that are a bit squelchy).

Product promotion over! Here are the fruits of my labours; the usual euphoric funky housey shit that makes loads of sense when you’re out of your head. (Ignore the transition between 6 and 7 when it all went a bit tits up, but I did all sorts of things to it to make it sound OK-ish -how on earth do DJs do this sort of stuff live? They are musical geniuses!).

Download the mix as one track Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: Spring 07 (Remastered mp3 62MB) [mediafire link]

  1. Dare Me (Stupidisco) (Warren Clarke Club Mix) * Junior Jack
  2. Want Love (Hoxton Whores Remix) * Hysteric Ego Vs. Hoxton Whores
  3. So In Love With You (Haji & Emanuel Mix) * Duke
  4. Ocean Drums (Mischa Daniels Higher Mode Mix) * Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon feat. Kathy Brown
  5. Head Over Heels (Alex Gaudino Remix) * Blu Lipstick
  6. Hard To Beat (Axwell Mix) * Hard-Fi
  7. Smaller (Dave Aude Remix) * Suite 117
  8. Ring The Alarm (Freemasons Mix) * Beyoncé
  9. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Stonebridge Mix) * Seamus Haji feat. KayJay
  10. Destination Calabria (Club Mix) * Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters


  1. fwan

    hi enda, how are you? mmm, was just wondering, were you at the dragon last night? i thought i saw you there but i wasn’t really sure.

  2. eguinan

    Wasn’t me! Maybe I have a twin? I was a steaming pile of congestion and Lemsip sitting in my bedroom making this mix. I will definitely be there next weekend though. I needs me a party.

  3. fwan

    ah, thank god i didn’t go over to your twin and say hello, or else he’ll be like ‘who the hell are you?’, haha 😀 neway, that’s a nice mix, you should be a dj in the dragon, was very dissapointed last night in the dragon, the music was very hard to dance to, i was jumping up and down there like a kangaroo 😛

  4. eguinan

    LOL. The Dragon is hard to predict. Usually DJ Karen is very good on Saturdays, but I have had pals say that the music hasn’t been good some nights. I’m usually totally on the dancefloor or totally not, so I can’t judge!

    Glad u like the mix!

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