Ok, tomorrow is my lil’ sis’ mother-in-law-to-be’s funeral. Not good.

But lil sis is getting married to the man she loves tomorrow week. That’s good.

I’m 34 on Monday. Aaargh.

But I’ll be celebrating with my man and friends in Dublin on Saturday. Thats hella good.

Life is, in the main, pretty bloody good. Kev and I were talking about this recently; when we are old and on the way out, won’t we have fucking fabulous memories to look back on? We love, we dance our arses off, we contribute, we travel, we flirt, we laugh, we get high, we cry, we smile and make people smile, we try to make sense of some of it and throw our hands up and laugh at the absurdities of the rest of it. What friggin’ more do you want?

Oh, some music? Ok…

Wanna wallow? Ryan Adams’ Harder Now That Its Over. This track helped me get through all sorts of crap like the last break-up, and continues to be inspirational. (He seems to be a bit of a mess though)

Or more joyous stuff? Howzabout the most joyous track ever made? Bent’s Comin’ Back. Bliss.



  1. Enda P

    Thanks guys!

    It was birthday yesterday yep. Coming Back is surely hard not to love. And So Long Without You is another one of my most fave tracks E.V.A.H.

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