That Birthday Night In Full (not really)

I nominated last Saturday for my birthday celebrations; here are some lowlights. Arf.

Donal & I in Saba

1. Things began sensibly enough in Saba, a ‘hot’ new Asian restaurant in Dublin, which was very good indeed with stupendously gorgeous staff and fab service. There were eight of us including the lovely Donal, who I don’t normally see much of.


2. We progressed across the road to the Clarendon bar. This is me lurching over husband & wife Enda (another one) and Catherine. Odd ‘night time’ setting on camera not that good, obviously.


3. Garvan took this pic in the bar of old painting duffer avec my balloon. Ho ho!


4. To The Dragon, gay dancing & beverage emporium, and along came Simon to compare blue eyes and pale skin.


5. Then I told Kevin & Hafiz a very funny story.


6. I got to know some new people on the dancefloor while….


7. …we then went to a houseparty somewhere before returning to the hotel to sip some champagne and nibble cucumber sandwiches (or something) with Kev & Garv until 8am. Eeeps.

All in all, utterly good fun, but, really, I am getting a bit too old for this shit. 🙂 Roll on next weekend (Fri = wedding in west of Ireland, Sat = wedding in London.) Make it STOP!



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