Bonkers about Honkers 香港

Bonkers about Honkers 香港, originally uploaded by Enda P.

Well, we’re back from Hong Kong.

I’m sure I could write tonnes about it, but best not bore you m’dears. Here’s the skinny.

1. It looks like something from the future (see above).
2. It’s the safest city I’ve ever been in.
3. It’s a gentle introduction to Asia for a Westerner.
4. They love to shop.
5. Public transport is dirt cheap and hyper-efficient.
6. Wine is ludicrously expensive.
7. It moves hella fast.
8. The gay scene is rather teeny-tiny.
9. It’s near Macau, which Portugal used to own and now is full of Las Vegas stye casinos.
10. I may have to spend a lot more time there if his nibs has to transfer there for a few months. (Poor me!)



  1. Minge

    The place looks like a set from some futuristic movie! Did you see The Doctor? I’m dead jealous. Will you take me next time, please?

  2. conortje

    Good to see you back. So do you have to spend a lot of time at no.9 in order to be able to afford no. 6? You two look great! Looking forward to seeing some more photos of the trip (Flickr?).

  3. eguinan

    We did have a good time, yes. It’s not a ker-a-zee wild place at all in terms of nightlife, but I don’t think we were exposed to the ‘real thing’. They certainly don’t drink very much and they work so hard too. Funny, they had their first Hed Kandi club night the day after we left! (Both of us like the funky house/Wendy house)

    No Doctor alas, but pelnty of tardii.

    We wouldn’t have been let into the casinos, Conor, as we were deliberately inappropriately dressed (shorts). Probably for the best as neither of us are good liars ha ha!

  4. alan

    Tell us lots of holiday stories, and share lots of holiday photos. That’s the only good thing about coming home from holidays: you get to rub it in with those who weren’t there!

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