Dorian Gray

So one arrived back from Hong Kong to be greeted with some rather wonderful news! A portrait of me is now hanging in a terribly reputable gallery in Dublin.

Some weeks ago, my friend Garvan asked me to be a model for one of a series of photographs he was undertaking. The series was of men looking at something that the viewer cannot see.

“No problem. I’m good at looking at things”, I said.

And then I learned that I would be partially clad. Something about the ‘subject’ ‘male gaze’ and other high brow things. It’s art, darling.

“Oh, why not”, I decided.

So one Sunday evening Garvan brought his not inconsiderable photographic equipment and I stripped off in the kitchen. The neighbours were quite curious as to what was going on. The flash was in the back garden, and boy was it bright. Later we saw two girls in an upstairs window straining to see what the hell was going on with all the flashing and a semi-naked guy in a kitchen. Anyway, he took several shots – different poses and different combinations of clothing (or lack of it). He gave me a polaroid as a souvenir. And here it is.


Anyway, he was quite happy with the end result and he submitted it and two others for consideration in the Royal Hibernian Academy’s annual exhibition, a very prestigious affair in the Irish art sphere. Being very talented, of course, not just one of his entries was accepted, but two. An accomplishment to be very proud of, I think you’ll agree.

I’m just amazed at his skill. My kitchen is a dump and he makes even it look good. Incidentally, I’m mid way through Will Self’s Dorian, which is a scary update of Wilde‘s The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Maybe I better purchase this pic and put it in the attic and remain forever beautiful (“Em, it might be a tad late for that, love” – Blogosphere).

Congratulations Garvan!

Now, zip along to Garvan’s tasty gallery online. I’m not in there yet, but I’m sure he’s getting around to it (cough). 🙂

And here is my portrait of Garvan, taken over a year ago.




  1. eguinan

    Moi? Posed? Nevair! 🙂

    Alas, I don’t have any other pics. I haven’t even seen the real thing yet! I don’t think I’d be putting the one of me in me smalls up though ha ha.

    Are you on about Sufjan again, Conor? We have already discussed this and you were to remain at least 50 km away from him at all times. Or was that just in my head?

  2. conortje

    Hello? I’m not the one who has him at home taking my photograph! Come clean Enda and release what is righfully mine otherwise I’m off to the gardai… or I will at least tell my older brother on you!

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