Death of a Nano*

Image of iPod Nano

A tad annoyed with myself today. After many weeks of not hitting the Dublin scene, I went out last night with a mission. Met Kevin and caught up and danced and drank and the like. (Saw the ex too after several months – we locked eyes for a few miliseconds which seemed like longer and then proceeded to ignore each other again. Normal service has been resumed ha ha! Felt absolutely nothing though, no nostalgia, regret, anger, anything. It’s like another lifetime that I can hardly remember). I digress…

Left The Dragon and went to the White Horse Inn which was hosting a birthday party of a very attractive young Macedonian acquaintance of Kev’s. Lots of people we knew turned up, but at the end when I went to find my jacket – it had GONE!!!! My lovely blue jacket with the yellow stripes on the cuffs that I spend hours looking for in London last summer. And in it was my iPod Nano which Andrew had given me as a gift last year – with a special message engraved on it. And my Etymotics earphones! About £400 worth of stuff! Aaargh!

I’ve left my details with the bar in case someone took it accidentally and take it back, but I don’t hold out much hope. Damn and blast! Curses! Fie! Etc etc…

*Model shown not actual model. I had no f**king Santana on my Nano.



  1. alan

    Oh that sucks Enda. Sorry to hear that. It’s always worst when it’s from someone special, or when it has special meaning attached.

  2. themilkman

    Man that really sucks. Sorry to hear that. The jacket is bad enough, after all, we still have to wear a little something at this time of the year, but thanks to global warming, you should be able to get away with just shirts and t-shirts soon… the iPod though!!!!! Now, that’s something one cannot live with. Especially since it was personalized. Really hope you get to get the lot back, although as you said, it would probably be something of a miracle.

  3. eguinan

    Thanks for the sympathy guys!

    David, I think it was a particularly drunken Northern Irish guy who might have grabbed it as he was being’escorted’ from the venue after being a tad boistrous. I very much doubt if he would have the wherewithal to recall where he got the jacket never mind returning it!

    Gib, you little fecker, whaddya mean karmic balance restored? What did I do wrong? Now, tell me how much a new 8GB Nano is in Malaysia, ahem.

  4. gib

    hmmm.karmic balance. i’ll tell ya whence i return to the emerald isles. remind me. or something.
    *sympathy hug and kissies*

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