New Scritti Politti tracks

Image of Green Gartside

Gosh, Green seems to be losing the perfectionism a little (this is A Good Thing). Two new tracks emerged this week, one of which he just popped out a couple of weeks ago!

This is all a bit astonishing seeing as Scritti are not exactly reknowned for being prolific. In fact, they are almost a bad as my other faves, The Blue Nile and The Avalanches, in their tardiness. Thank goodness for Stephin Merritt and his steady stream of stuff (even if quality control could be a leetle tighter of late {coughs}).

The evidence for Scritti’s reticence?

Songs to Remember released in 1982. A wait of three years for Cupid & Psyche ’85. Another three years for Provision and zilch for ELEVEN years until Anomie & Bonhomie in 1999. And then a slightly less delayed White Bread, Black Beer some SEVEN years later in 2006.
Anyway, read this from the rather wonderful source of all things Scritti, Bibbly-o-Tek:

Last night Green performed two brand new songs at The Charles Hazlewood Show (BBC2) and chats a bit about how he wrote them. No official titles for those two new songs yet. First track has the working title ‘Unfrozen’ and the second ‘Forgiven’.

Full story and interview available to download at Bibbly-o-Tek.

I decided to extract the tracks (using Fission, fabulous software) and make them available here. They are both magnificent and bode well for the next Scritti album. In 2024.

Thanks to John Hyde for making the recording available.

Download Forgiven by Scritti Politti (3.2MB Mp3)

Download Unfrozen by Scritti Politti (3.4MB Mp3) 


  1. Brian

    I don’t agree with you on the Mr. Merritt score. Listening to Release The Stars for the first time and am quite impressed with Mr. Wainwright. He’s mature Rufus now. How’s you anyway….? still a set jetter : )

  2. eguinan

    Hee hee! I knew you would pull me up on that crack at SM! I do think that the last Future Bible Heroes was a bit of a yawn, and his total abandonment of synths and samples is very disappointing. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend could have been a disco stormer!

    Settled down a bit. Was in Sweden a couple of weeks ago giving a paper, but Ireland bound for the next while.

    GUBU is closing tomorrow wah! So, I’ll be there tonight to pay my respects 😦

  3. Brian

    Did they breathalize you?? Joking. I bet you’re bored being in Ireland for a few weeks, oh I’m a shocking tease. I like the FBH music, ie the Chris Ewen input and agree it wasn’t terribly exciting on the whole. Did you buy the mixes of I Thought You Were My Boyfriend? They’re really good. See you tomorrow so : )

  4. Brian

    It was more I thought you were referring to the work he has done under his own name ie the Chinese operas and Hans Christian Andersen fairytales which I rather enjoy. The abandonment of synths is a transitionary thing, I think he wanted to do a quiet acoustic album. One of the new Magnetic Fields albums is purported to be an all-out-rocker. Could be good!

  5. pix

    Hello thanks for making the downloads available and linking to the show. The songs are so beautiful they have made my day.

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