Mix Time: Moon June School

Image of penguin in Gothenburg

The weather has been good, work has calmed down, and I’m beginning to get into holiday mode. It must be time for a some mixagé.

Back to funky town this time with a few choons to jut your hips inappropriately to should you feel so inclined. The Haji & Emanuel mix of Umbrella is rather shagtastic, and the Toto track has nothing to do with Dorothy but more to do with 80s soft rockers – yes, really. Other notables include the Pete Tong mix of With Every Heartbeat (which used to be credited to Kleerup feat. Robyn, but the names get switched for the re-release), and a rather dirrty electro cover of Robert Palmer’s I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On. Uuuuuuurrrrrrrp!


  1. If (Original) * Haji and Emanuel feat. Robert Owens
  2. Toto (Original) * Brazen
  3. Umbrella (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Remix) * Rihanna
  4. Sunshine Song (Thomas Gold Remix) * Nicole Otero
  5. Love Comes Over Me (Damien Strong Remix) * Montoja feat. Miss Chianty
  6. With Every Heartbeat (Tong & Spoon Remix) * Robyn feat. Kleerup
  7. Didn’t Mean to Turn You On (Justin Martin Remix) * Colette

(All tracks purchased from DJDownload.com, except track 3 (thanks DJ Never) and track 6 (can’t remember where I found it!)
Download Moon June School (Remastered mp3 continuous mix 39MB [mediafire link]

PS: The penguin is one of 25 who live in the main park in Gothenburg, Sweden. How nice!



  1. örn

    np, as long as something interesting is posted, I’ll stick around. My own blog is dead, the last entry was the top list of 2009, think I’ll just post it on FB from now on

    • eguinan

      I know what you mean. Facebook & Twitter do allow us to reach a dedicated audience. Despite occasional starts and stops, I like that the blog gives a bit more space to indulge.

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