Something sexy to say in Icelandic

Loksins, ég hélt þú ætlaðir aldrei að koma! Sestu hérna í fangið á mér.

This is what you say if you see Jónsi from Sigur Rós approaching you. Or perhaps a Sugacube. Or, yes, Bjork. Picture of Jónsi giving it loads

Ok class, repeat after me: [phonetically] “Loksins, eg helt thu aetladir aldrei ad koma! Sestu herna i fangid a mer.”

What does it mean? Oh yeah. “At last, I thought you’d never get here. Now, cheer up and sit on my lap”.

This could be very very useful.

(Thanks to the lovely Orn for the language lesson.)



  1. eguinan

    Conor – get back to work!

    Robin – I got Steve McQueen last week. It’s intriguing and you may have a point about it being more to be admired than loved. Desire As is excellent and I still love the rearrangement of When Love Breaks Down.

  2. Robin

    Ah yes, ‘Desire As’ redux – the first time I heard it, and every time since, it’s sucked the breath right out of my lungs, it’s so good. No doubt whatsoever that Paddy’s still got it.

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