“You have two cows…”

Even though saying his name* makes my teeth grate, Rick O’Shea, a 2FM DJ, has a blog and he has a rather amusing entry on cows.


SOCIALISM:You have 2 cows, and you give one to your neighbour. Stupid image of dolphin and cow jumping

COMMUNISM:You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk.

FASCISM:You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk.

etc etc

My favourites are these;

SURREALISM:You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.


THE POLISH GOVERNMENT:You have two cows. You lecture one on how turning gay will mean the end of cattle. The other cow emigrates.

* I think Rick may have started deejaying when it was a requirement to have a silly name, and now he can’t turn back. Poor mite.



  1. Rick

    I did. It’s true. It’s now officially recognised as a form of child abuse but then? Sure everyone was doing it… I just felt the need to fit in. Dusty Rhodes, Robin Banks, Sandy Beech, Dan Francisco and I have a support group 😦

  2. alan

    I naively used to think Dusty Rhodes was that dude’s real name. I mean, who would ever make that name up for themselves? In fairness! At least Rick O’Shea sounds like a normal person name; albeit it does conjure images of a medallion wearing wedding DJ.

    Tell me Larry Gogan is real, or my world will tumble around me.

    Or something.

  3. eguinan

    Conor: The only Dusty I know that could carry off that name is Ms Springfield and it wasn’t her real name either.

    Minge: Me too. Have you read the whole thing on Richochet’s page?

    Alan: Poor Rick! Now he’s being imagined as a Disco Stu type! (Larry is real, bless him!)

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