Dublin’s finest: Pride 07

Dublin’s finest, originally uploaded by Enda P.

It’s Pride season again, and, for the first time in several years, I’ll not be taking part.

Partially because I’m on uncle duty this weekend (I’m taking the kiddies to see Chris Evans shirtless Fantastic Four II), and partially because I’m a little bored with the whole thing. A year out will be no harm.

(I’ll neglect to mention that I’ll be parading through the centre of London next weekend on the gay Muslim float, but that’s another blog entry…)



  1. manuel

    Now you see, I was thinking you were on about Chris Evans one time dj, fulltime ginger. I was about to delete links!
    Have fun n all that. Gay Muslim float? Cant see anyone having a problem with that!!

  2. eguinan

    Alan: I did!

    Manuel, now I have to wash my imagination out as you have soiled it with that image. Anyway, turns out MY Chris Evans took his shirt off only once. Pah! Jessica Alba got nekkid once too, but seeing as FF2 is a family movie, the adults were left needing more.

    Brian: You always have fun. You are Fun Brian! How did newbie Tim enjoy it?

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