Not quite Instant Karma

Ok, it’s for an excellent charity and the music is really excellent overall (let’s pass over Aerosmith/Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars dreadful reggae version of Give Peace A Chance). Yoko Ono gave permission for Amnesty to put together this double CD of rather decent acts doing versions of John Lennon’s post-Beatle stuff.

I listened to it in my housemate’s car on the 2 hour drive back from the parents place yesterday. Highlights: Jackson Browne doing ‘Oh My Love’, The Raveonettes’ ‘One Day At A Time’, a-ha’s ‘#9 Dream’ and Regina Spektor’s sublime take on ‘Real Love’.

A gripe though. I can’t import the friggin’ thing to iTunes. I can get a few tracks on each cd and then the bloody thing crashes my Mac. Grrrr. I smell copy-protection.

Before I go all guns blazing to Warners, has anyone else had the same problem?



  1. alan

    Eh Enda,

    I had that problem with Tori Amos’ new cd. My wee lil Macbook just spit it back out at me. I was highly annoyed.

    For some reason (and it does pain me to say this) my windows machine at work ripped it, so I just ripped it in there, and reburned and reripped.

    MAJORLY pain in the face, but I got there in the end.


  2. themilkman

    This is perhaps because the latest version of iTunes seems a bit flakey somehow, although I haven’t had any problems ripping stuff recently, but I haven’t bought anything that would be susceptible to be heavily copy protected. I thought record companies had slowed down on copy protection stuff. After all, what’s the point of buy CDs if you can’t play them on a device that you use very regularly?

    I’ve had some issues with the new iTunes when I import tracks on my PC and correct an album title or a genre or something, where it treats one track as if it was read-only, although it is not. The way round it is to re-rip the track. Pointless really. Plus, nowadays, it takes forever to shut down, and sometimes re-opens itself straight after. Could be byeTunes if it carries on like this.

  3. eguinan

    Alan: That’s weird. I’ll take the cds to work and see if those nasty Dells can do better.

    Milkman: I thought that whole sad copy protected saga was over with too, but perhaps not. I’ve not had any hassle with the new iTunes. In fact, I tried just copying over the tracks as AIFF files in the Finder in OSX but it crashed the system. I’ll try em on a couple of other machines.

    Are there any alternatives to iTunes that play nicely with the iPod?

  4. Enda P

    Milkman, there may have been something in your theory. I had a go on another Mac and managed to copy the files without ant difficulty. Weird….

  5. alan

    OOh, see Apple have just released an update to the Superdrive, that’s supposed to increase the reliability of reading certain media disks… Maybe that’ll sort out any cd woes…

    God, reading that back, even I realise I’m such a nerd. It’s no wonder I’m single. Getting excited over software updates. Really. [cough]nerd[cough]

    In other mutterings, my first comment has been truncated! I had a whole essay after the P.S. where I said something along the lines of; “Enda, I’ve heard a snippet of an Avril Lavigne song on that CD. It sounds awful. True or not true”.

    I’m leaving now, I promise.

  6. manuel

    I posted this on Twenty Major on Sunday:

    “That’ll teach the Janjaweed.

    And if that fails maybe a petition and badges will do the trick. Or a concert. Yes a concert will sort it out no question. In fact a concert were all the Celebes do covers of Lennon’s tunes whilst wearing badges and signing petitions. Hell yeah.


  7. conortje

    I hate hate hate itunes and have resisted ever getting an ipod. I have a different mp3 player (iriver H120) that l can plug into any computer anywhere and play my music without ever needing any softwhere like itunes. No special type of file either like you have with itunes – it plays everything. Have never had any problems. I hate the way that the ipod becamse so popular when it’s nowhere near as handy as some others out there. Unfortunately fashion took over and now all brands are going the same way. I hope my iriver lasts a long time cause I will surely miss its simplicity.
    Gosh – that was a rant and a half. I feel better having screamed though 🙂
    PS. I love REM’s version of Dream #9

  8. robin

    Never fear, Alan, you’re hardly alone. Between the SuperDrive firmware update, iTunes 7.3, and the lines around the block and down towards Madison Avenue for today’s iPhone launch, I dunno whether to shit or wind my watch…

  9. eguinan

    Yes, let’s send Avril to Darfur and get her to sing Imagine. Or just send her anywhere really. And Aerosmith and chums can go with her.

    Conor, I’ve never used an iRiver. Is it the sex? I rather like my Ipod though (I loved my Nano, but lets not drag that up again…)

    Robin; Has it lived up to the hype? (Still want one, but I’m happy to wait til the next version)

  10. robin

    Goodness no, I didn’t actually BUY an iPhone – not yet anyway. But I’ve, uh, played with a friend’s.

    It’s very VERY cool, yet there are enough mitigating factors (read any review of the thing for details) to give one pause. And so, like yourself, Enda, I’m content to wait until the next iteration before plunking down the cash.

  11. robin

    Heard Xtina’s rendition of ‘Mother’ last night whilst in line at my local (soon to be iTunes WiFi Music Store ready, land sakes alive, all roads lead to Apple. don’t they) Starbux.

    Hmm, this ain’t half bad, methought – until the coda, where she just can’t help whipping out some of those signature vocal ululations… urgh… gimme my grande iced Americano and lemme outta here, already.

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